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Some Airfix Service Sheets

Some of these are scans of the original artwork, so I don't know if they represent the production models.

Steam Locomotives

An 0-6-0 Castle???


2-6-2 Prairie Tank

Fowler 4F

4-6-0 Castle

Royal Scott
Original Artwork

Tender Drive for Unknown Locomotive

Diesel Locomotives

A1A-A1A Brush Type 2 (Class 31)

Spare Parts (all models inc. coaches)

Trade Parts List 1979

The 0-6-0 Castle is a Collett Goods, one of the 2251 class. They were known as Baby Castles.
The tender looks like a Stanier tender. Maybe for the Royal Scot?

The tender is from the Airfix 54120-0 & 54121-3 "Rebuilt" Royal Scot locomotive model.

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